Personal Care Services

Are your services for seniors only?

No. We provide services to the entire age spectrum –from children, both minor and adult, with disabilities as well as seniors.

Do you provide services in independent living facilities or assisted living facilities?

Yes, while we certainly want to encourage as much independence as possible, sometimes our loved ones require more one on one assistance than can be provided in an assisted or independent living community. At Sonoran Valley Home care, our caregivers can provide services to you or your loved one in facilities such as hospitals, long term care, assisted living facilities and retirement communities.

How does the cost of staying in my home compare to finding an assisted living care facility?

Depending on your needs, the costs associated with in-home care services will vary but, in most cases, will be comparable to or less that the cost of a care facility. Choosing Sonoran Valley Home Care allows you to remain in your home and maintain your level of independence within a safe & comfortable environment. We find that many times our clients rarely need full-time care. We will customize & personalize your care and services to meet your current needs and plan for any future needs as well.

How are caregivers selected for assignment?

Once our Care Manager completes your in-home assessment, they will determine whether your need is for a companion or skilled nurses aid. Our Care Manager will select the most suitably skilled caregivers based on your needs as well as matching personality and interests. You can access your scheduled caregiving through our online Family Room portal and always know who to anticipate arriving each day.

Will I have the same caregiver every time?

Sonoran Valley Home Care understands the importance of routine and consistency. We strive to provide the best care with special emphasis on continuity of care and provide regularly assigned caregivers as your plan of care will establish. Consistency is key in reducing anxiety and allows for us to build strong, trusting & lasting relationships with our clients.

What happens if my caregiver is not available?

Should your caregiver become unavailable, we will ensure that a suitable replacement is found, and you will be notified with as much advance notice as possible.

Can I change the schedule if I have appointments to keep?

We understand that there may be times where you need to change your schedule due to outside appointments, family commitments, or anything else that comes up. Our priority at Sonoran Valley Home Care is to make the schedule that works best for you and your family – your needs are important to us and we will always work to accommodate changes in the schedule as they may arise. When you anticipate having to reschedule, contact your Care Manager to add, change, or cancel visits. Our care management team is available 24 hours every day. Please be advised that cancellations made fewer than 24 hours in advance will be charged for the next scheduled visit in that 24-hour period.

What if I need to speak to someone in the office after business hours?

Our care management team is available around the clock – 24/7. Your call will be answered or returned by a live representative any time of the day or night.

How is the plan of care created and can it be modified?

All parties involved in your care (spouses, POA’s or family members) are invited to participate fully in the planning of your care. We can consult and coordinate with your health professionals as well. Your conditions, health and well-being are monitored closely by caregiver documentation, supervisory visits and regular communication with you Care Manager. A copy of your care plan will be provided to you and the information will be accessible and communicated to each caregiver that is assigned to your case. The caregiver will follow the care plan and notify the Care manager of any changes.

Your Care Manager will conduct regular visits to your home to ensure that:

  • You are satisfied, and the care provided is meeting your needs
  • You and your family are well informed of any changes

Do I have to sign a contract for services and am I committed for a specified period of time?

After your Care Manager completes your assessment and has determined the services and schedule that best suit your needs, you will be asked to sign a service agreement. This not a contract obligating or committing you to care services for a specific period of time. However, there is a requirement for a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel services. Anything less than 24 hours will result in being billed for the subsequent 24 hours scheduled.

Why should I consider Sonoran Valley Home Care Services rather than hiring a caregiver privately?

Finding the right kind of home care can be arduous. While hiring a private caregiver might seem more convenient or less expensive, think about what you are really paying for. The number one benefit of utilizing a company is that there is no liability on the client. The agency takes full responsibility. The following five questions and answers offer more great reasons to choose our agency over hiring a caregiver privately.

Do you conduct criminal background checks and check references?

Sonoran Valley Home Care ensures that every caregiver is carefully screened and has a criminal background check. We also verify any credentials and/or licensure issued by the state.

If my caregiver is unavailable who will fill in?

At Sonoran Valley Home Care, we have a team of qualified caregivers to ensure there is a replacement when you caregiver becomes unavailable for any reason. We believe in continuity of care and services and will contact you to inform you of any change in caregiver.

Is the caregiver bonded and insured?

At Sonoran Valley Home Care, all of our caregivers are bonded and insured.

What if the caregiver injures themselves while in your home?

Despite everyone’s best efforts, accidents can happen in any workplace. Sonoran Valley Home Care provides workers’ compensation coverage for all of their employees. This is done to protect our clients from financial responsibility and protect our employees from the financial hardships associated with work-related injuries and occupational diseases.

Who will handle the payroll and ensure that all state and federal deductions are made?

Sonoran Valley Home Care ensures that every caregiver is paid on time and that mandatory payroll deductions are made in accordance with state and federal regulations.

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